2020 European and American best-selling Ozone Generator
1. Ozone can oxidize the decomposition of bacteria within the bacteria enzymes, so that bacteria inactivated death.
2. Directly with bacteria, viruses, destruction of their organelles and DNA, RNA, so that the metabolism of bacteria is destroyed, leading to bacterial death. 
3. Through the cell membrane tissue, invasive cells, the role of the outer membrane of the lipoprotein and the internal lipopolysaccharide, so that the occurrence of permeability loss of bacteria and dissolved.


• Disinfect, such as killing microorganisms                         
• Remove odors
• Remove humus                                                             
• Improve the taste
• Oxidize iron and manganese                                         
• Degrade pesticide

About Us

Hebei UMEK Environmental Machine Co., Ltd. was established in 2015,belongs to the Amanda Group which established in 1997.
UMEK is a company specializing in the research and production of air and water purification equipment. main products are ozone generators and UV sterilizer , and standard products are available in stock.
Own overseas warehouse in Italy, Spain, England and South Africa.