Ozone, with the chemical formula of O3, is also called three atom oxygen and SUPEROXYGEN. It is named for its fishy smell. It can be reduced to oxygen at room temperature. The specific gravity is larger than oxygen, soluble in water and easy to decompose. Because ozone is composed of one oxygen atom carried by oxygen molecule, which determines that it is only a temporary storage state. In addition to oxidation, the remaining oxygen atoms carried are combined into a stable state, so ozone has no secondary pollution.
Ozone generator air purifier, we use natural ozone strong deodorant to help families clean the air. Ozone (O3) contains three oxygen atoms. The third oxygen atom makes ozone very active. It is easy to attach to other molecules. When the pollutant encounters ozone, it will have oxidation reaction and both sides will be destroyed. Ozone basically returns to oxygen. Ozone treatment is used twice a week to remove the odor.
Ozone Output: 10000mg/h
Ozone Generator Air Purifier


Ozone Output: 10000mg/h
Color: Blue /White
Timer: 90 minutes
Discharge medium: Quartz glass tube/Ceramic plate
Room Coverage: 2000 sq.ft


✔ HIGH CAPACITY: The newly developed ozone generator supports high ozone production of 10000 mg / h, with a service life of 5 years or 20000 hours.
✔ ODORS REMOVAL: The portable ozone generator has powerful deodorization and disinfection functions, so that your space is free from any odor, mold, bacteria, 
virus and VOC. The bactericidal rate was 99.98% by SGS.
✔ WIDELY USED: Hotel rooms, offices, restaurants, restaurants, farms, laboratories, pet areas, basements, garages, boats, hospitals, schools and kindergartens.
✔ EASY OPERATION: Apply the ozone treatment twice a week for normal use. Increase the treatment duration and frequency when air problem recurring.
✔ TIMER FOR SAFETY CONCERNS: All ozone machines are for UNOCCUPIED space only. Set a timer before you leave the room. Ensure that no people (and also pets)
in the room when it’s working. Return to the room when all residual ozone reverts back to oxygen, which costs normally 30 minutes.
Model UMEK-5 UMEK-10 UMEK-20
Ozone capacity (g/h) 5 10 20
Cooling type   Air cooling  
Ozone concentration (mg/L)   10--15  
Control type   Automatic  
Ozone power (kw) 0.1 0.15 0.2
Input voltage(V)   110V 50/60Hz or 220V 50/60Hz  
Discharge chamber material   Quartz glass medium or Ceramic plate  
Product size(mm)   330*132*160  
Package size(mm)   380*200*255  
Gross weight(kg) 4.5 4.5 4.5

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