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Does water purifiers need to be equipped with UV sterilizers?
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Does water purifiers need to be equipped with UV sterilizers?

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According to the World Health Organization survey: 80% of the world's diseases, 33% of deaths and 80% of cancers originate from water.Raw water contains certain impurities, heavy metals, sediment, harmful substances and organic pollutants, drinking bad water quality leading to diseases: digestive diseases, infectious diseases, various skin diseases, diabetes, stone disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc. up to more than 50 kinds. Nowadays, with the accelerated pace of life, people pay more and more attention to the precious time, want to solve the problem of drinking water in the shortest possible time. Then comes the popular water purifier, because it not only can give people convenience, but also can purify unclean water into drinkable water, so the water purifier is really a foolproof choice?

water purifiers with UV

Why do you need UV lamps?

The role of the water purifier is to get rid of heavy metals, sediment, organic pollutants, residual chlorine and other substances harmful to humans remaining in tap water through the filtration and adsorption of various cartridges; especially reverse osmosis water purifiers, which can filter 98% of the impurities in water. The use of this filtration method to improve water quality, so as to obtain pure water that can be directly drunk.

But if the water purifier long-term use, pipeline bacteria exceed the standard, what would have caused such a result?

Many water purifier use family, with a long time forget to forget to replace the filter on time, and easy to produce secondary pollution, bacteria are prone to grow and multiply; at the same time pipeline use for a long time will inevitably also have bacterial contamination. Therefore to the last water purifier plus ultraviolet germicidal lamp, can effectively kill the bacteria parasitic in the water, while ensuring that the water out are sterile and fresh water.

What is the working principle of the UV sterilizers

UVC is a light wave invisible to the naked eye, through the irradiation of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, in order to destroy the structure of its DNA and RNA, so that it immediately die or lose the ability to reproduce, to achieve rapid sterilization effect, without adding any chemicals, so it does not produce secondary pollution of the water and the surrounding environment, does not change the composition of any water.

Traditional disinfection techniques such as chlorination or ozone, the disinfectant itself is a highly toxic, flammable substances, and UV disinfection is not such a safety hazard, UV germicidal lamp irradiation sterilization, and this germicidal lamp is not time-consuming energy consumption, only cost a little electricity, which allows people to use it more at ease.


The advantage of germicidal UVC technology is that it has a broad-spectrum germicidal ability, bacteria, viruses, generally in 0.2 seconds to 2 seconds can reach 99%-99.9% germicidal rate, can easily kill viruses, staphylococcus, coli, salmonella, legionella (LEGIONELLA), Pneurnophila, dysentery bacillus and many other bacteria. For almost all bacteria, viruses can be killed with high efficiency, do not have to worry about the water filtered out of the water filter contains harmful bacteria. In addition, UV sterilization is pure, no secondary pollution.

People are food-oriented, food is water-oriented, and water is a source of purification. Water pollution is seriously threatening our daily life and physical and mental health.However, it has not attracted enough attention from each of us. Water pollution management is always a long-term arduous task. Water purifier as a family drinking water health guardian more and more become part of the household appliances, to increase the water purifier UV germicidal lamp function can better protect the water quality, so that the purified water quality really do: no pollution, no harmful substances.