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How Does UV Light Purify Water?
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How Does UV Light Purify Water?

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How UV systems disinfect water

A UV water treatment system consists of four main components: a UV lamp, a quartz sleeve, a stainless steel chamber, and a system controller.

4W UV system

Water flows through the chamber and is exposed to UV wavelengths, which inactivate the organisms in the water. Inactivated bacteria and other organisms are no longer able to replicate, making them useless and unable to negatively impact humans.

Water flows through the chamber

What pollutants can be removed by a UV water purifier?





E. coli


Hepatitis B



Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Mycobacterium dysenteriae

Benefits of UV systems for water purification

UV water purification offers many benefits, even for residential environments.

UV purification is a physical process, not a chemical one, produces no unpleasant tastes or odours and is very economical. You can rest assured that a UV water purification system will remove virtually all microorganisms that would otherwise be present in tap water without the addition of chemicals.

By adding a UV water purifier to your home, you can provide your family with clean, safe drinking water that requires little maintenance.

UV systems are also fairly easy to maintain, and the UV system control unit will alert you when the lamps need to be replaced.

UV systems are also energy efficient. A typical UV system uses the same amount of power as a 40-watt light bulb.

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