AMANDA has 24 years of water treatment industry experience and 11 years of export experience.,it is a production and distribution company of water treatment products, production:UV sterilizer/Ozone generator/Industry and Household purification system;distribution:FRP tank/RUNXIN valve/ Water distributor/RO membrane/Industry RO membrane housing/Filter cartridge /Filter housing .
Water Purifier Filter Price
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Water Purifier Filter Price

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Water Purifier Filter Price

Water Purifier Filter Price

  Water Purifier Filter Price Introduction 

If you have high water pressure, more than 3 bars, then you should use a Non-pumped system. If your water pressure is lower than 3 bar or you are not sure, we recommend you use a Pumped system. A pumped system comes with a standard  plug and just needs to be plugged into a nearby electrical socket. 

If you have any appliances (dishwasher, washing machine etc) next to your installation area (usually the kitchen sink) then it is normally very easy to find a plug socket there. Pumped systems also are very quiet and very low power.

Amanda-Household Water Purification -five heavy and high precision filtration

    Water Purifier Filter Price Features

1.Energy saving;No pump;No transformer;

2. Space saving ,Easy to carry and install;

3.Six-stage filtration, increased mineralization filtration, more beneficial and healthier to the human body;

4. Explosion-proof and pressure-resistant water storage bucket, specially made of steel metal barrel, explosion-proof and pressure-resistant;

Working Principle

1.Sediment Filter, Replace every 3-6 months

2.GAC Filter; Replace every 3-6 months

3.CTO Carbon Block Filter; Replace every 3-6 months

4.Ro membrane, Replace every 2-3 years

5.Inline Post Carbon Filter; Replace every 12 months




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