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Water Purification System for Window Cleaning
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Water Purification System for Window Cleaning

Our top-of-the-line Water Purification System for Window Cleaning, designed to deliver superb cleaning results and exceptional durability.
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 Water Purification System for Window Cleaning

 Water Purification System for Window Cleaning

 System consists of

The system includes a Frame Phosphorus Spray Professional Paint Pop Treatment that ensures your window cleaning solution stays fresh and effective. The system is housed in a sturdy 4040 stainless steel ro-housing with seamless and seams, ensuring no leakage or damage. For efficient filtration, the system is equipped with a Membrane 4040 ULP or LP RO membrane, which removes impurities and leaves your windows sparkling clean.

With a 10"x2.5 slim blue filter housing and a 10"x2.5 PP or CTO filter cartridge, the system guarantees excellent water purity. Additionally, the system includes a 10"x4.5 Big Blue filter housing with a DI resin filter cartridge for even better water filtration results. The hanging board is fully customizable to meet your specific needs, and the blue hose and adapters make the system easy to use.

Finally, the system comes with two non-inflatable rubber wheels, ensuring easy mobility while cleaning windows.


Water Purification System for Window Cleaning is affordable without sacrificing efficiency. This system is packed with features that will take your window cleaning game to the next level.




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