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2023 Runxin Valve Product Exchange Meeting
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2023 Runxin Valve Product Exchange Meeting

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On March 7, 2023, the product exchange meeting organized by RUNXIN was successfully held. Amanda, as one of the invited high quality suppliers, participated in this technical exchange meeting.


In this exchange meeting, many new products and technologies were highlighted, mainly containing RUNXIN valves, whole house water softening equipment, whole house water purification equipment, etc.

Runxin Valve

Runxin Valve

RO plant

RO Plant

water purification

Water Purification

RUNXIN brought a wealth of technical information to solve the problems encountered in the study of various products. It also explained the advantages and functions of the new RUNXIN valve.

Runxin Valve

Amanda company hopes to understand the newer products and technical information through this exchange meeting to better serve our customers.

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