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40T Water Softener for Aluminum Ingot Processing Production in Xinjiang
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40T Water Softener for Aluminum Ingot Processing Production in Xinjiang

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Application Scene

The processing and production of alloy materials requires a large amount of circulating cooling water for cooling. The quality and temperature of the circulating cooling water are related to the speed and quality of the finished product production. A set of automatic water softening equipment is purchased for the treatment of raw water. The softened water, due to its lower hardness, reduces the probability of scaling in the circulating water pipes and coolers, and the production speed and quality of the products are improved.

40T Water Softener

Equipment configuration

3 sets of FRP tanks, model 1200×2400mm, (filled with 001×7 cation resin), 3 sets of Runxin valve sets (flow type F112A3), 3 sets of salt valves, 2 sets of salt liquid tanks.

Products Specification Quantity Material
Control Valve Runxin flow type(F112A3) 3 sets
Resin tank 1200*2400mm 3pcs fiberglass 
Salt tank 1500L 2pcs PE
Water distributor
6 sets Plastic
Salt valve
3 sets Plastic
Pipe and valve fittings

Ion exchange resin 001×7

Testing requirements and accuracy standards

1. The producer does not provide detailed raw water quality analysis information, the program requires the provision of pressure-stable and feed water quality in line with the ion exchange resin feed water conditions, the total hardness is not greater than 7mmol / L raw water;

2. Feed water pressure 0.25-0.5mpa

3. Output water hardness ≤ 0.6mmol/L;

4. Water production 30-35 tons/hour.

water softening

Water treatment process

The whole system is fully automatic operation, which is automatically controlled by Runxin multi-control valve. The raw water flows through the resin tank equipped with ion exchange resin through the multi-way valve, so that the water hardness of the water softener output ≤ 0.03mmol/L. When the system operation reaches the set flow rate, the control head automatically starts the system regeneration. Regeneration time takes about 1.5 hours, the regeneration process is automatically completed by the control system through the set program, there are mainly the following processes:

1. Backwashing: Water is backwashed upward to the resin through the bottom lower water distributor to loosen the resin layer and at the same time remove the accumulated suspended matter on the surface of the resin layer.

2. Salt absorption and regeneration: The saturated salt solution is injected into the resin tank after dilution into 5-8% concentration through the water injector, and the salt solution flows downward through the failed resin layer from top to bottom to restore and regenerate the resin and restore its original exchange capacity.

3. Replacement: Replacement is divided into two steps. After the first step of regeneration, there is still some uninvolved regenerated salt solution in the upper space of the resin tank, so in order to make full use of this part of the salt solution, the upper uninvolved regenerated salt solution is thoroughly regenerated through the resin layer with the same flow rate of regenerated liquid. Displacement is carried out.

In the second step, the regeneration waste liquid in the resin pores is topped out of the resin layer.

4. Positive washing: The purpose is to thoroughly remove the regeneration waste liquid remaining in the resin layer and clean it until the water is qualified.

5. Water replenishment: replenish the water in the salt tank to ensure that there is enough salt solution for the next tank regeneration.

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