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Analysis of global covid 19 ozone generator Market
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Analysis of global covid 19 ozone generator Market

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The current disinfection methods include chemical disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection and ozone disinfection. Ozone is the best of the three disinfection methods. Ozone can be disinfected without dead angle. In a short time, ozone can be quickly converted into oxygen without secondary pollution。

Ozone, with the chemical formula of O3, is also called three atom oxygen and SUPEROXYGEN. It is named for its fishy smell. It can be reduced to oxygen at room temperature. The specific gravity is larger than oxygen, soluble in water and easy to decompose. Because ozone is composed of one oxygen atom carried by oxygen molecule, which determines that it is only a temporary storage state. In addition to oxidation, the remaining oxygen atoms carried are combined into a stable state, so ozone has no secondary pollution。


Global data analysis customer's convenience for ozone generator


Global data show that ozone customer demand has increased 40 times in the past 30 days


According to global data, the top five countries with the largest ozone customer demand in the past 30 days are Italy, Spain, the United States, Poland and Ecuador