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How to maintain the sewage uv sterilizer
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How to maintain the sewage uv sterilizer

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Sewage ultraviolet sterilization effect depends on the water of bacteria and viruses can accept to uv dose (the product of uv intensity and irradiation time).When ultraviolet dosage reaches a certain, uv light energy to make the water of bacteria, viruses and other circulating DNA damage to internal structure, loss of activity and kill, water disinfection purification.With uv disinfector prices decline, more and more sewage treatment plants using uv sterilizer of tail water disinfection treatment.

A, sewage uv disinfector glass casing surface cleaning

Disinfection effect, to ensure that the equipment shall be regularly intervals (1-3 weeks) for manual cleaning bent glass tube.

(1) remove the shelf overloading plug and use clean bag, place the bent frame crane to lift in the car maintenance;

(2) will be hang on the shelf above the cleaning to clean;

(3) using cleaner spray (weak acid or commercial glass cleaning fluid, etc.) on a glass casing surface;

(4) the cleaning staff to wear rubber gloves with clean cloth glass casing surface;

(5) the dirt on the surface of the glass tube to clean off after wash glass casing surface;

(6) after the cleaning crane install bent into the framework, and then good overloading connectors.

Second, the sewage uv disinfector cleaning system maintenance

(1) water mist separator for manual displacement (normally closed).When the filter cups of water to 1/3 height must rotate the knob at the bottom of the cup body manually drainage in order to improve the water mist separation ability;

(2) must be regularly procuratorial filtering pressure reducing valve is in accordance with the regulations, observing the water within the filtering cup, when the water reaches a certain amount, the filter cup filtering pressure reducing valve will automatically drainage, in order to ensure system normal operation;

(3) before use check the oil level in the oven to keep within the specified range, not enough to add to the appropriate location;

(4) every week to open the air tank drain valve out of the water in barrel;

(5) regularly check whether all the air line system of leak;

(6) regular cleaning cylinder rod to ensure shelf cleaning smooth, shall not be bent cleaning creep, stuck phenomenon.

How to maintain the sewage uv sterilizer

Three, sewage uv disinfector ballast box with the central control cabinet maintenance and maintenance

(1) day must check the running status of air conditioning, ballast box to ensure air conditioning refrigeration effect;

(2) regularly remove dust on the surface of the electric control cabinet;

(3) check the running status of ballast, every day to ensure normal work of each ballast;

(4) daily check records the central control cabinet man-machine interface detection data (including current, voltage, lamp work status, temperature, strong ultraviolet light, contained in the state of automatic cleaning, etc.) is normal;

(5) periodically check each problem is contained in the aging or fall off.

Four, sewage uv sterilizer water level control equipment maintenance and maintenance

(1) stationary overflow weir clean after installed regularly;

(2) flap valve type overflow dam in use process should be based on changes in water barrels of water regulation, to ensure the water over the first tube and control within 6 cm;

(3) regular inspection on gantry overflow weir each fixed screw loose whether happen;

(4) the electrodynamic overflow weir door can be adjusted automatically according to the variation of water level, the maintenance work is as follows:

A regular to refuel, motor and bearing and examine the wiring of the motor to see if there is loose, and so on and so forth;

Clean the motor b on a regular basis, completes the moistureproof, prevent the rain.

Uv sterilizer sterilization technology with high efficiency, broad spectrum, cheap, longevity, without adding any material, does not produce secondary pollution and other advantages, more and more applied in drinking water, food, pharmaceutical industry production water recycle, industrial water and wastewater disinfection treatment.In a lot of sewage treatment plant of tail water disinfection, using uv sterilizer equipment can obtain good effect.