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How to use ozone air purifier in home and car
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How to use ozone air purifier in home and car

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Complete sterilization of ozone generator; super detoxification; complete preservation; deodorization and mildew removal; instant purification; strong chlorine removal; strong bleaching; health care.

Ozone purifies the air and creates a clean living space for you

1. Clean the office, living room, bedroom, kitchen and toilet.

2. Purification restaurant, restaurant, barber shop, sanatorium, hospital, aseptic room, bathroom, large and small entertainment rooms.

3. Remove formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances from newly decorated houses and furniture.

4. Reduce harmful radiation such as TV and computer.

Use method of ozone generator: put the air outlet directly into the air, and start up for 5 minutes every 10 square meters (for example, start up for 25-30 minutes for 50 square meters). When disinfecting the air in the room, people should leave the room and wait for the machine to stop working for 15 minutes before entering.

Action mechanism: it can clean air, sterilize, decompose carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, styrene, dimethylsulfide, formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful gases volatilized from paint, eliminate peculiar smell, smoke and nicotine. At the same time, ozone can absorb positive ions and harmful rays, and increase the oxygen content of indoor space.