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Instructions on the use of the ozone generator
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Instructions on the use of the ozone generator

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1, the ozone generator installation personnel must pass through technical training to start maintenance;

2, when using ozone sterilization machine, it is strictly prohibited to workers in the high concentration of ozone environment to work and work.

3, remember that when the equipment maintenance or repair processing disconnected and the ozone discouraged, can very good to ensure staff safety maintenance;

4, if there are any abnormal, please immediately without electricity or inform the professional personnel for maintenance.

5, qualified special grounding line, safe and reliable grounding, prohibited to install in the ammonia leak or an explosion danger danger zone

6, the method to process the application of ozone generator operating personnel should be known, and proficient in operating the disinfection equipment.

7, such as ozone leakage happens to need to close the ozone generator, the first time and open ventilation ventilation after processing, the instant exit ozone generator use of space, space such as residual ozone to safe to enter again.

Instructions on the use of the ozone generator