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Latest R&D portable ozone generator air purifier for Covid 19
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Latest R&D portable ozone generator air purifier for Covid 19

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According to who, ozone (O3) is the most powerful disinfectant for different coronaviruses and microorganisms. Prove that ozone Covid 19 is effective


In March 2020, Amanda company organized its R & D personnel to develop a small portable ozone for air disinfection, air purification and odor removal in families, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, beauty salons, pet rooms, toilets, cars, etc. under the situation of global epidemic situation

Portable ozone is our company's latest R&D new products, features: cheap, small size, light weight, low freight, portable mobile, can be used in different places disinfection

ozone air

Now Bacteria is the most important problem. The future schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, libraries, dormitories, classrooms, production shops, hotels and restaurants need disinfection. We recommend ozone disinfection. Experiments have shown that ozone can effectively kill new Bacteria and protect our lives and health.

Ozone generator can skill :








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