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Ozone generator need to pay attention to?
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Ozone generator need to pay attention to?

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Ozone generator need to pay attention to:

1, install the equipment in dry place spacious, so that the heat dissipation and maintenance;

2, to ensure that electricity, gas, water in and out of the gas pipeline connection correct;

3, use the line capacity is in conformity with the requirements, to ensure that eliminate fire hazards;

4, high risk, don't flush device.

5, near cannot be placed in the substation.

6, away from the high tension line.

7, the ground should not be wet

8, equipment should have a certain amount of space around (300 mm) or higher

There is a national standard;The People's Republic of China environmental protection industry standards (HJ/T264-2006 ozone generator can refer to.

Ozone generator need to pay attention to?