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The attention of the ozone generator
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The attention of the ozone generator

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Ozone generator is applied in water treatment engineering situations, there are many factors may affect the efficiency and reliability of the generator, so the ozone generator in the design application system must pay attention to the following questions:

(1) generator raw material gas is absolutely not containing hydrocarbons, corrosive gas and any other oxygen/ozone/corona reaction occurs in the environment, so as to harm or damage to equipment safety.

As is known to all, the explosion of the three elements is the fuel and oxidizer and fire, and ozone generator corona has been in existence in the environment of the two, namely, oxidant and fire.So you must prevent the raw gas containing hydrocarbon fuel material;If there is a possible hydrocarbons, must install a hydrocarbon analyzer, so that when the concentration of hydrocarbon close to the lower explosive limit (LEl) of 25% when cut off power supply.

Fluorocarbon compounds, such as teflon or coolant can break down to form fluorine in the corona, which can erode glass dielectric material, can accelerate the dielectric body damage.Around the corona on the surface of the outside circulation cooling fluid may through the seal leakage and into the space of corona, result in the dielectric body surface to form a layer of paint, coating.When this happens, because this kind of coating to reduce the ozone production efficiency, the dielectric body must be regularly cleaned.