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Water Treatment Media And The Main Treatment Processes.
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Water Treatment Media And The Main Treatment Processes.

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The way of water treatment is usually potential difference; pressure difference; chemical method, etc. Membrane filtration is to use the principle of molecular dialysis pressure difference for filtration; separation; concentration; purification. Purely physical way, no phase change, no secondary residues and reactants generated. Commonly used membrane filtration, in order of accuracy: microfiltration; ultrafiltration; nanofiltration; reverse osmosis.

Water treatment processes

I. Water Purification Treatment Media and Methods.

Quartz sand: remove the large suspended matter,sediment and algae

PP cotton filters (polypropylene): filter rust,Impurities,small suspended matter.

Activated carbon filters (coal shell. Coconut shell): adsorption of foreign colors and odors in the water, such as chlorine and its generators.

Softening resin (sodium ion): and calcium and magnesium and other hardness ions ion exchange, the harder water in the hardness ion exchange out, to soften the water.

Ultra-filtration (UF): remove the colloid in the water. Bacteria. Microorganisms, degradation of water turbidity and sterilization.

Nanofiltration (NF): removes calcium and magnesium ions, and degrades water hardness.

Reverse Osmosis (RO): degrades the salts in water.

Mixed bed (anion and cation exchange): removes dissolved salts.

Electrodialysis (anion and cation membrane + ionization): Concentrates water and gets rid of anions and cations.

EDI (electrodialysis + ion exchange): get rid of salts and get high-precision pure water.

Flocculation (plus chemicals): gets rid of color, collects colloidal substances, and forms precipitation.

Precipitation (plus chemicals): degrades turbidity and clarifies water.

Gas bursting: Release excessive volatile gases from groundwater to prevent them from participating in the reaction and affecting water quality.

Biochemical method: cultivate bacteria to decompose organic matter.

Pure water

2.The Water Treatment Process

The complete water treatment process includes three parts: pretreatment. Core treatment and post-treatment.

Pre-treatment: remove suspended matter and large particulate matter, reduce the turbidity and color of raw water. Such as mechanical filter (quartz sand), adsorption filter (activated carbon) and security filter (PP cotton).

Core treatment: Removal of microorganisms. Bacteria. Virus. Colloid. Large molecules, etc., such as ultra-filtration system (UF)

Post-treatment: remove salts and small molecules, get higher purity water molecules, such as reverse osmosis (RO), ion exchange.EDI, etc.