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Automatic Na-ion Exchanger
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Automatic Na-ion Exchanger

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Equipment performance

1) Including three parts: exchange system, salt liquid system and control system. Equipment used in the exchange filler performance should not be lower

than the performance of 001X7 styrene cation exchange resin, using industrial NaCl as a reducing agent.

2) requires the exchanger with: double exchanger, double salt tank, operation mode 1 with 1 ready; exchanger 24 hours automatic continuous output


3)The hardness of the water after the exchange process meets the requirements of "Industrial Boiler Water Quality" GB/T1576-2018.

4) The exchanger should work under the rated water output, the self-consumption rate should not be greater than 3%, power consumption should be less than 0.4kW (out.


5) Power supply: 220V/50HZ.

6) Equipment with automatic operation function, its controller reserved RS485 interface and RJ45 interface, and reserved remote start and

Stop control contacts, contact capacity 220VAC/5A, the device running state remote transmission, equipment in the lack of water, water pressure is too high and too low and other unfavorable

In case of water shortage, water pressure is too high and too low, etc., sound and light alarm can be made.

7) In addition to the solenoid valve, each system receiver and valve are made of plastic to meet the long-term safety operation needs.

8) The main material of the equipment is stainless steel (including the exchange tank, salt tank), and the others are carbon steel (Q235B).

9) Equipment external interface using flange connection, flange material, pressure: carbon steel (Q235B), 1. 0MPa.

Automatic Na-ion Exchanger

Manufacturing requirements

1) The overall equipment should be novel, beautiful and elegant, compact and simple to install.

2) Simplified and pipeline design pressure 1. 0MPa, should be able to withstand 1. 50 times the design pressure hydrostatic test.

3) parts in contact with the fluid medium should be corrosion-resistant and non-polluting materials for water quality, carbon steel should be anti-corrosion coating or lined with anti-corrosion materials.

Anti-corrosion coating or lined with anti-corrosion materials (such as polyethylene, rubber, etc.).

Automatic Na-ion Exchanger

Product configuration

1) 1 set of fully automatic sodium ion exchanger. Equipment for skid-mounted equipment, equipment should be easy to maintain and operate.

2) The scope of supply of the supplier's sodium ion exchanger should include the following.

(1) exchange system: including two resin tanks, 001X7 resin, tank support frame, sampling port, connecting pipes

and valves and other accessories.

(2) Salt liquid system: including 2 salt tanks, rotor flow meter, tank support frame, salt liquid valve, connecting pipeline and valve and other accessories.

Valves and other accessories.

(3) control and piping system: including microcomputer controller, multifunctional valve, control solenoid valve, solenoid valve before and after the shutdown

valves, skid mounted equipment piping, etc.