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Car Wash Wastewater Treatment Equipment
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Car Wash Wastewater Treatment Equipment

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Car Wash Wastewater Recycling Equipment | Car Wash Water Recycling Equipment

    Car wash water is recycled after being filtered by car wash wastewater reuse equipment (also called car wash recycling equipment, car wash water recycling equipment) to achieve the purpose of both environmental protection and water and money saving. Car wash water recycling equipment uses physical purification water treatment equipment, is designed for all kinds of car wash wastewater purification and reuse of the car wash cycle purification treatment system.

The necessity of installing car wash water recycling equipment

    With the development of economy and society and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, the number of motor vehicles is growing rapidly, and the car wash industry has gradually become a huge industry. At present, car washes are all over the world, and most of the car wash wastewater produced by car washes is not recycled, resulting in a waste of water resources. In addition, because car wash wastewater contains oil impurities, many car wash wastewater is directly discharged into the city's sewage network without treatment, which increases the treatment burden of the city's sewage treatment plant. The consumption of clean water in car wash industry and the discharge of car wash wastewater have posed a serious problem to the rational use of water resources and the protection of water environment, and the recycling of car wash wastewater after proper purification treatment will be the ultimate solution.

Process flow of car wash wastewater reuse and recycling equipment

This machine adopts advanced ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis technology to purify domestic sewage, bathing wastewater, car wash wastewater and other domestic miscellaneous water. Combined with well-designed filtration and adsorption system, it can effectively remove odor, bacteria, organic residues, heavy metal ions and other substances harmful to health in water, and can more effectively remove carcinogenic substances such as trichloromethane and fluorine that cannot be removed by conventional means. Its treatment process flow is as follows.

Car wash sewage → conditioning tank → sand filter → sand filter → oil removal device → photocatalytic reactor → car wash water

Car wash water recycling equipment product features

1. High recovery rate of sewage, up to 85%-95%, one-time water injection, long-term recycling. Significantly reduce the amount of water used in car wash, saving more than 85% of water expenditure. Really achieve the purpose of circulating water equipment recycling.

2. The water quality of circulating water is clear and transparent, colorless and tasteless, with one-time water injection and long-term recycling.

3. Low operation and maintenance costs, no need to add coagulant.

4. Small footprint of equipment, space-saving, convenient installation, easy to move. The cost of setting up the pool is not much.

5. Simple operation, easy maintenance, applicable to many computer and manual car wash rooms.

6. Complete product models, reasonable price, quality assurance.

7. Good water quality. Products using physical-biological integration of integrated water treatment process technology, the water treated by the cycle purification machine, clear and transparent, colorless and tasteless. Purification process, without adding any pharmaceuticals, avoiding secondary pollution, cleaning vehicles will not have any adverse effects on the body paint.

8、Zero sewage. After using the purification machine, there is basically no sewage discharge, which really meets the requirements of environmental protection. The sludge in the sedimentation pool can be cleaned regularly.

9、The equipment is fully automatic type. After installation and commissioning, when the power supply is turned on, the equipment will run automatically without manual control and supervision.

10、Low energy consumption. Processing 1 ton of water is less than 1 degree of electricity.

11、Equipment with excellent mechanical and electrical configuration, stable and reliable performance, close to zero failure and zero maintenance. The service life is not less than 10 years.


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