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How Often Change RO Membrane
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How Often Change RO Membrane

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The service life of a reverse osmosis membrane

The service life of RO membrane is uncertain, it will change because of the RO reverse osmosis water quality, generally the incoming water quality meets the requirements of pure water equipment pretreatment stability, then the RO membrane can reach the specified service life.

How often change RO membrane 

In general, the RO membrane can be used for about 2~3 years. If you want to extend the service life, you can clean the RO membrane element, cleaning methods can be divided into physical and chemical flushing, if after physical and chemical cleaning, can not let the RO membrane to restore the original performance, you can consider replacing the RO membrane.

RO membrane is mainly through the pressurization of water molecules forced extrusion deformation through the ro membrane, with a long time RO membrane function will be weakened, the most direct is to see the amount of water, if the amount of water suddenly became a lot smaller, then you can consider RO membrane replacement.

RO membrane water quality deterioration. ro membrane filtration impurities and bacteria too much, by the pollution situation is too serious, will make the system water quality deterioration. If you let impurities and bacteria build up on the RO membrane for too long, it will also cause secondary pollution of the raw water.

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