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How to choose an RO equipment?
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How to choose an RO equipment?

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Purified water equipment, simply speaking, is reverse osmosis equipment. It is widely used in: drinking, chemical, medical, breeding, planting, food, beverage, etc. So how can we choose a set of equipment to our liking?

The appearance of RO equipment

In terms of appearance, the equipment produced by the regular company is very strict and beautiful, and the equipment gives people a sense of heaviness. The rack welding of the equipment is very flat. The pipeline connection of water purification equipment is beautiful, horizontal and vertical, and all pipelines use food-grade 304 stainless steel piping for linking, to ensure that the equipment will not be affected by piping problems later. And the details of the equipment must be done, the details determine success or failure, so that users can clearly understand the advantages of the equipment.

Details of the pure water equipment

1. Reverse osmosis membrane as the core of the water treatment equipment, the choice of reverse osmosis membrane is particularly important. Priority is given to reverse osmosis RO membranes that have a certain influence in the water treatment industry.

2. The good or bad of the high-pressure pump has an important impact on the use of water production and membrane. This is a more important accessory, most of the equipment using the New Territories high-pressure pump or Lingxiao high-pressure pump.

3. Whether the installation and commissioning at home.

4. Whether on-site training of operators.

5. The shelf life is generally one year, under normal circumstances, there will be no problems, such as in a year of equipment problems pure water equipment manufacturers should be free to repair.

Water quality of purified water

The water quality of the water source determines the production process of the equipment. Water quality in different areas is affected by the degree of pollution and regional differences and other factors, the water quality will vary widely. Equipment is based on the water quality of a region to determine the design of the equipment itself production process. The worse the water quality of the region, the higher the production process, and thus the manufacturing cost of the equipment increases, the higher the price of the equipment will be.

Material of the equipment

Usually the body of the equipment is made of stainless steel plate. Abrasion and corrosion resistant material, will not rust, can avoid the equipment in the process of making water and water contact with the general material rust corrosion online problems. In general, the stronger the corrosion resistance of the plate, the longer the life of the equipment.

Water production capacity

Equipment can be divided into small machines, medium-sized machines and large machines according to the amount of water produced. The larger the water production capacity of the equipment is suitable for the greater demand for pure water plants and factories, naturally, the larger the size of its equipment, the higher the price.