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How to maintain the sewage flow meter?
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How to maintain the sewage flow meter?

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Routine maintenance of sewage flow meters:

1. Site inspection, focusing on checking the sewage flow meter, pressure line, valves, various accessories (tanks) and joints and other places must not have leaks. Leaks found in time to eliminate. Inspection method, for a set of metering system, generally first check the sewage flow meter, then along the pressure line check until the transmitter (or instrumentation protection box), after the display instrumentation (or instrumentation operating room).

2. Before winter you should lead pressure pipeline and accompanying heat pipeline for overhaul insulation.

Check the instrument insulation heat (the number of times depends on the weather cooling in each region and each post guide tube heat insulation situation and self-determined), to prevent the condensate because of the accompanying heat is too low and make condensate.

Isolation liquid local freeze blockage or condensation blockage, or because the accompanying heat is too high and make condensate, isolation liquid vaporization. Causes measurement instability, inaccurate. The specific method, generally is according to the pressure line insulation condition is good or bad, plus with the hand touch the pressure line (generally with the accompanying heat package together) the temperature, with experience can determine whether the accompanying heat is normal.

3. Site inspection of the holding tank and transmitter, the appearance of the intact condition should be inspected. 

Flow Meter  

Regular maintenance of sewage flow meter:

In the operation of the sewage flow meter, regular maintenance should be done as follows.

1. For gas pilot piping system with condensate, liquid pilot piping system with dirt pilot piping system and differential pressure transmitter, to regular drainage, to keep the instrument pilot piping smooth. Drainage cycle should depend on the cleanliness of the measured medium. Drainage method, first the transmitter above the three valve group of high and low cut-off valve closed, you can through the high and low pressure side of the drain valve with the pressure in the process pipeline, the lead pressure pipe dirt drainage. Drainage operation should pay attention to safety, environmental protection and saving.

2. Sewage flowmeter transmitter should be regularly checked the zero point, for measuring the handover of not less than once a month. Transmitter check the zero point, the operation should be correct, never allow the condensate (or isolated liquid) flushed away.

3. Sewage flowmeter and transmitter calibration cycle of 1 year, or synchronized with the production of the installation and maintenance cycle. Non-metering sewage flowmeter, depending on the measured medium clear put degree, properly extended, generally 3-5 years.