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Inquiry Response Training
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Inquiry Response Training

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    Foreign trade business reply to inquiries is one of the tasks that every foreign trade person will encounter, and it is also the key to selling products.

    Vanilla, the sales manager, gave guidance to the salesman's reply to the inquiry. Every customer's inquiry is equally important, and the reply should not only express the content clearly but also answer the question reasonably according to the user's actual needs.

Inquiry Response Training

    The sales manager picked out a classic case to make an example for the staff. The customer is from Nigeria and asked for a product for reverse osmosis equipment.

    Learn more about reverse osmosis plant.

    According to the information given by the customer, first of all, you should search the customer's email, phone, company name, to determine the company's main products and the approximate strength, by the way, to see whether there is information about the customer on facebook, linkedin, wechat, whatsapp has no account. On the basis of understanding the customer, to lay a good foundation for their own communication with customers later.


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    As much as possible, we can provide some product certifications, different specifications of our products, and provide some production details of orders from previous customer cooperation, so that customers can trust our product quality, which is conducive to negotiate cooperation.

We have application cases of our reverse osmosis equipment in various countries in Africa, click for details.

RO plant application in Africa

    Finally, by asking customers' opinions, giving them choices, summarizing and outlining our product advantages, etc. Finally, let the customers receive the samples and give some comments to our samples, ask them whether we need to have improvement, and further deepen the communication with customers.