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Introduction of Open Channel UV System
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Introduction of Open Channel UV System

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This open channel UV disinfection system is the latest product series developed by our company according to the characteristics of the current municipal sewage colonies.

Open channel UV system

System advantages: 1.Operational safety: no chemical disinfectants highly toxic, flammable, explosive shortcomings. 2.Easy to install: modular design, suitable for complex site conditions. 3.Easy to operate: just connect the power supply, the system can run continuously for 24 hours. 4.Low operation and maintenance costs: the total operating cost of UV disinfection system is only 1.2 cents / ton of water.  5.No secondary pollution: no by-products from chemical disinfection methods, no harm to water bodies, environment and operators

Open channel UV system

Main accessories of open channel UV system

Ultraviolet lamp

1. low-pressure, high-intensity amalgam lamps (PHILIPS) with a rated power of 325W.

2. single low-pressure high-intensity lamp 253.7nm UV output shall not be less than 192W/ 60%.

3. can be installed horizontally or vertically.

4. the filament uses a special alloy tungsten filament, with a high melting point characteristics, not easy to fuse, the cumulative life of operation can reach more than 12,000 hours.

5. the lamp is a single-ended four-pin connection

6. the UV lamp is an ozone-free lamp.

Ultraviolet lamp

Quartz sleeve

1. length of 1,700mm outer diameter of 28mm wall thickness of 1.5mm.

2. ultraviolet transmittance of not less than 90%.

3. one end of the quartz casing is dome-shaped seal, and the other end is open.

Open Channel UV SystemOpen Channel UV System

UV lamp rack frame

1. 304 stainless steel, fixing all UV modules without tethering.

2. the frame of the UV lamp rack must be tightly arranged in a matrix structure to provide optimal lamp alignment.

3. 304 stainless steel for the lead-in connections to the rack, with the mounting position above the water surface.

Introduction of Open Channel UV System

Rectification Grating

The UV disinfection system is equipped with a rectification grating to intercept floating objects, water plants and garbage from entering the disinfection channel, to prevent debris from winding around the lamp casing of the rack and to avoid the fracture of the lamp casing caused by uneven forces during cleaning, and to distribute the incoming water to ensure an even and stable flow pattern and to protect the lamp from damage by impact.

Water level control system

The water level control system adopts a non-powered top self-flowing fixed weir, installed at the rear end of the UV module, for controlling the water level.

Rectification Grating

Electronic ballast cabinet

1. Power 0.98.

2. Maximum ambient temperature: 60℃

3. If any UV lamp fails, the electronic ballast will start again twice by itself.

4. Electronic ballast is controlled by microprocessor, each electronic ballast controls 1 UV lamp independently, provides the working condition of each UV lamp and transmits the information to the bus monitoring board of the control system.

5. Cabinet material: stainless steel.

Central control section

Central control section

1. Maximum ambient temperature: 60℃

2. Power supply: 380V, 50/60Hz

3. central control contains programmable control system to achieve data acquisition and control.

4. Cabinet material: stainless steel.

Wiring electrical box

Wiring electrical box

Cabinet material: stainless steel.