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Lsraeli Scientists: UV lamp kills 99.9% coronavirus in 30 seconds 
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Lsraeli Scientists: UV lamp kills 99.9% coronavirus in 30 seconds 

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    According to a paper published in the latest issue of the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, Professor Hadas Mamane of Tel Aviv University in Israel has found that an ultraviolet lamp can kill 99.9% of new coronaviruses within 30 seconds.

    It is reported that, scientists have long found that ultraviolet light can kill coronaviruses, but Professor Mamane's study is the first discover that UV light emitted by the lamp can also effectively kill new coronavirus. The researchers studied the effect of two wavelengths of light in killing the new coronavirus. They found that light waves at 265 nanometers (nm) were the most effective in killing the virus; however, light bulbs with a wavelength of 285 nm were more readily available and almost equally effective. The study showed that in less than 30 seconds, 285 nm light was able to destroy 99.9% of viral pathogens.The findings mean that UV lamps can be integrated into pre-existing appliances and services such as water system, air conditioner and vacuum cleaners for disinfection. 


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