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Medium-pressure UVC sterilizer features
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Medium-pressure UVC sterilizer features

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The difference between medium-pressure UVC and low-pressure UVC sterilizers

There is a difference between medium and low pressure UVC disinfection technology. Traditional low-pressure UVC technology is a single wavelength, which simply destroys the DNA structure of bacteria, so that microorganisms can easily be reanimated under visible light irradiation (reanimation under visible light irradiation is called photo-reanimation).

Medium-pressure UVC germicidal technology is completely different from the traditional low-pressure UVC germicidal technology, medium-pressure UVC lamps can produce a broader UV spectrum, and thus can act on the entire microorganism, it is not just the DNA structure of the microorganism to produce damage, but also the microorganism can be broken. It is because this UVC technology can effectively avoid the occurrence of light resurrection and dark repair of DNA in microorganisms, so it can produce a permanent inactivation of microorganisms, no resurrection reaction, no colony rebound phenomenon.

The difference between medium-pressure UVC and low-pressure UVC sterilizers

Characteristics of the medium-pressure UVC sterilizer

1. Excellent UV medium-pressure lamp technology

The industry's largest power high-intensity medium-pressure lamp (7.5KW), the output power of each lamp is 10 to 100 times the low-pressure system; special coating technology to ensure that the lamp runs 4000h, the lamp output intensity can still reach more than 80% of a new lamp;

Compared to low-pressure UV devices, the number of lamps required per device is small, the footprint is small, and the lamp replacement cost is low during the life cycle of the system; the largest output power per unit area in the industry.

⒉. High quality imported medium pressure lamps

Brand: Heraeus, Germany

Modular design for easy maintenance and expansion.

3. Online automatic cleaning system

Automatic quartz casing cleaning technology - no manual operation;

According to the actual water quality of the site set automatic cleaning cycle, transport hands or transport automatic cleaning control can be achieved through the operating interface.

4.UV module function

Easy to read to achieve letter resin LED display

Lamp running time, intensity, temperature alarm design remote, local mode control

Optional 4-20MA UV intensity signal

Advantages of medium pressure UV disinfection

Compared to traditional chlorine disinfection, medium pressure UV has many advantages that cannot be matched:.

1) Strong sterilization. High sterilization efficiency, fast sterilization speed, the killing effect of common bacteria and viruses

The disinfection of common bacteria and viruses can be completed within a few seconds. In the DNA structure of microorganisms to produce damage at the same time, but also the microorganisms will be broken down into small fragments, it is because of this medium-pressure UVC germicidal properties, in order to effectively avoid the microorganisms in the DNA of the light resurrection and dark repair of the occurrence, so can produce permanent inactivation of microorganisms, no resurrection reaction, no bacterium rebound phenomenon.

(2) The broad spectrum of germicidal high. It can kill all bacteria and viruses efficiently and can permanently inactivate chlorine-resistant microbial tissues, such as Legionella pneumophila, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas, Cryptosporidium, Amoeba and bacteria, etc.

3) No toxic and harmful by-products are produced in the disinfection process, no change in the composition and nature of the disinfected water, no secondary pollution to the water and surrounding environment; reduced chlorine input, reduced residual chlorine, reduced chlorine content in the pool water, reduced disinfection by-products, making the pool environment healthier.

4) Medium-pressure UV light has the ability to degrade chemical chlorine, including dichloramine, trichloramine, etc.

This effectively eliminates the production of carcinogenic trihalomethanes (THMs) and the impact of chlorinated chemicals on humans. In reducing the pungent odor in the pool at the same time, effectively improve the swimming and exercise environment, and greatly enhance the working environment of the pool staff.

5) Medium-pressure UV disinfection technology covers an area of small, safe and reliable operation, simple maintenance, low cost. As can be seen, medium-pressure UV disinfection has the advantages of high efficiency sterilization, broad-spectrum sterilization, no pollution, safe and reliable operation, and does not form toxic by-products, and therefore the current engineering applications are increasingly.