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Open channel UV system installation and commissioning
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Open channel UV system installation and commissioning

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Open channel UV system installation

1.Lamp and casing assembly: The lamp and casing are packed separately and installed on the frame module after removing the packing.

a) First unscrew the 8 filaments on both sides of the module and remove the O-ring.

b) O-ring and fillet into both ends of the casing, the lamp into the casing

c) Connect the lamp to the lamp holder in the frame, and tighten the fillet at both ends.

2.The framework module placed in the drain, the two ends with square steel support.

3.The module cable is connected to the control cabinet, pass 380V electricity, turn on, 8 lamps can be started.

Open channel UV system installation

Open channel UV system PLC operation instructions

Parameter setting

1.UV intensity detection value: display the current UV intensity

2.UV intensity alarm parameters: set the minimum UV intensity alarm value (trigger automatic cleaning)

3.UV parameters adjustment: manually adjust the UV intensity value

4.Adjustment coefficient: set to adjust the UV intensity coefficient (10 times) recommended for 1

5.Cleaning times: set a cleaning signal within the cleaning times, the recommended number of times 2

Cleaning interval time: set two cleaning interval time (fixed time given cleaning, no signal acquisition, according to the water quality, the reference time is 180 minutes)

6.The cylinder (hydraulic left line) on time / cylinder disconnect (hydraulic right line) time: set the cylinder (hydraulic) one-way travel time (according to the pressure adjustment time (pneumatic (hydraulic) pressure of 0.2MPa can not be too high, through the regulator adjustment. (By 0-2) set the time within the cylinder can complete the cleaning formation can be) recommended for 15 seconds

7.The upper limit of temperature: set the maximum alarm temperature in the distribution cabinet (too high will protect the shutdown, (to ensure safety, high temperature protection will not automatically start,) please check whether the cooling system is damaged, whether there are burned devices) recommended protection temperature of 60 degrees

8.The level deviation for the fine-tuning level meter value manually entered

9.High liquid level according to the level detector feedback data reference set peak water level. Activate %100 ballast full power output after reaching the set value

10.Low level According to the level detector feedback data reference set peak water level. After reaching the set value, activate %60 ballast saving output

11.No installation or incorrect installation setting, the device default %100 output

Main interface

Display the real-time working status and parameters of each function

1. UV intensity: display the current lamp light irradiation intensity (normal intensity of 60 can be increased by adjusting the coefficient of performance value)

2. Running time: display the current equipment since the operation of the cumulative running time minutes

3. The cabinet temperature: display the current distribution cabinet temperature

4. Group A, Group B, Group C: green indicates the current running row of shelves, gray indicates the row of non-running

Manual control

5.1. Lamp selection: A/B/C group selection settings to enable the specified row of shelves (before the device is enabled, you must select the row of shelves group for green, gray is not selected . )

5.2. Manual cleaning.

Automatic selection: equipment parameters and shelf to enable the completion of the check box and the water level float installed correctly and effective after the automatic state can enter (water level and cabinet temperature are normal when the equipment works normally, the water level is too low will automatically stop after the protection, the water level back up after 5 seconds the equipment will automatically resume operation)

Manual selection: the equipment will not be able to achieve automatic start/stop control, manual state is mostly for debugging equipment or stage artificial start/stop equipment

A/B/C group manual cleaning: special for commissioning equipment

Float enable: dedicated to debugging equipment (float not enabled state, the equipment will not be able to achieve automatic control, the equipment will not collect float signal can be directly enabled)

Fault monitoring

Normal operationNormal

abnormal (ballast failure or lamp failure view the corresponding ballast failure indication)

Troubleshooting methods: ① Insert and replace the rack navigation plug Check whether the lamp is damaged Ballast is damaged