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Open Channel UV System Training
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Open Channel UV System Training

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2022.12.25, factory technicians conducted product training for our sales staff on Open Channel UV system

UV disinfection system is the latest product series developed by our company according to the current characteristics of municipal sewage colonization.

System features: 1, system structure: reasonable design.  2、Electronic ballast: good stability performance, good heat dissipation, modular design, easy to replace.  3、Water level control system: a variety of water level control methods can be selected according to the actual demand, the design process is more flexible. 4, automatic cleaning system: advanced and efficient water cleaning, can completely eliminate the inconvenience of manual cleaning of the lamp will not cause secondary pollution.  5、Equipment material: excellent material selection, contact with sewage parts are made of 316L stainless steel.  6, system performance: high overall efficiency to reduce electricity consumption and operating costs, system maintenance of labor intensity is lower. 7, system volume: the system is small and compact, occupying less space, easy to install and update the old project.

The technical staff also taught the commissioning of the system, installation precautions and other issues at the scene.

Through this product training, we benefited a lot. It is necessary to participate in such training, as a salesperson, not only to apply the product knowledge and application, but also to be responsible for the customer and bring the quality products to the customer!