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ozone can inactivate COVID 19 for disinfection
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ozone can inactivate COVID 19 for disinfection

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In June, covid19 appeared for the second time in Beijing, China, and the global covid19 is still very severe. 6.4 good news from Japan: ozone can inactivate new coronavirus for disinfection. The scientific proof and extensive application of ozone will make a great contribution to global covid 19, and the ozone generator will be sold well in the world.


Here are the details of the Japanese experiment:

For the first time in the world, a research team composed of Nara Medical University and MBT (member enterprise of infectious diseases department) alliance confirmed that ozone gas can inactivate the new coronavirus. In addition, the inactivation conditions were confirmed through experiments, and the practicability was proved from a scientific point of view.

The research team cultivated a new coronavirus cell line, set stainless steel plate in the odor resistant oxygen tight box (made of propylene) installed in the safety cabinet, and coated the new coronavirus as the experimental object. Then the ozone generator set in the ozone resistant oxygen tight box (made of propylene) is operated to control the ozone concentration in the ozone resistant oxygen tight box at about 1.0-6.0ppm.

The experimental results showed that the survival rate of virus was 1 / 1000-1 / 10000 when the CT value was 330 (at the concentration of 6 ppm ozone for 55 minutes), and 1 / 10-1 / 100 when the CT value was 60 (at the concentration of 1 ppm ozone for 60 minutes).




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