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ozone generator machine can kill covid19 virus?
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ozone generator machine can kill covid19 virus?

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Compared with ultraviolet disinfection, ozone disinfection has advantages and disadvantages. It is harmless, free of harmful residues and two pollution. Moreover, the concentration of air disinfection is evenly distributed and there is no dead angle in disinfection. However, if the concentration of ozone disinfection is not well controlled, it may also cause damage to human body.


According to who, ozone (O3) is the most powerful disinfectant for different coronaviruses and microorganisms. P3 experiment in China shows that the inactivation rate of ozone to SARS virus is 99.3%. The new coronavirus is similar to SARS, they are all coronavirus, they have similar transmission mode. When the ozone content was 17.82mg/l, treated for 4min and 4.86mg/l for 10min, the inactivation rate of SARS virus could reach 100%. Ozone is a non-toxic and safe gas. When the concentration is higher than 1.5ppm, ozone stimulates the respiratory system of human beings. Therefore, the Ozone Association has formulated safety and health standards: (1ppm = 1mg / m3).

International Ozone Association: 0.1ppm, 10 hours exposure

Us: 0.1ppm, 8 hours exposure

Germany, France, Japan and other countries: 0.1ppm, 10 hours exposure

China: 0.15ppm, 8 hours exposure

The product of its concentration and contact time can be regarded as the reference point.

When the ozone concentration is 0.02ppm, people who have a quick sense of smell can detect it, which is called the sensory threshold. When the ozone concentration is 0.15ppm, it is the olfactory threshold, which can be detected by ordinary people, and it is also the health standard point. When the concentration reaches 1-10ppm, it is called stimulation range, and above 10ppm, it is toxic value. The perceived concentration of ozone is only 0.02-0.04ppm, and there is a certain interval between it and the safe concentration. In the indoor use of ozone purification air, smell the smell of ozone has basically reached the role of disinfection.