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Runxin Automatic Softening Valves
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Runxin Automatic Softening Valves

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   Automatic Softener Valve

 Automatic softening valves

  Basic Information

Fully Automatic Softening Valve

Voltage: 100-240V/50-60Hz

Water Pressure: 0.1-0.6MPa

Water Temperature: 5-45℃

 Technical Parameters

● Controller Mode: Time-based/Electronic control

● Maximum Water Output: 6 m3/h

● Compatible Filter Tank Diameter (in): 6-14″

● Inlet/Outlet Port: 1″F (female thread)

● Drain Port: 1″F (female thread)

● Center Pipe: 1.05″ OD (26.7mm)

● Base (Connection with Tank): 2-1/2″8NPSM

 Product Features

■ End-face sealing ensures no leakage and reliable mechanical performance.

■ Manual operation function: In case of power failure or malfunctioning of the controller, the valve can be operated manually using the handwheel.

■ Keypad lock function: The keypad automatically locks after one minute and requires unlocking for further operation to prevent accidental operation.

■ LED dynamic color bar display: A blinking color bar indicates the running state, while a steady color bar indicates the filtering state.

■ Long-term power outage reminder: If there is a power outage for more than three days, the clock will blink to indicate the need for resetting the current time, while the set filtration time remains unchanged.

■ One valve with two operating timing modes: Switch between "ON" and "1" on the electronic control board to switch between daily or hourly timing. Remember to restart the power supply for the changes to take effect.

■ Signal output port: With three ports (normally open, normally closed, and common) on the electronic control board, external connections can be made to electromagnetic valves or booster pumps.

■ Bypass (raw water outlet) function: When the valve is powered off, use the handwheel to point to the corresponding status indicator to enable bypass mode. This allows the raw water to bypass the tank and filter media and directly discharge from the outlet, facilitating maintenance and replacement.

■ Repeatable flushing: The valve can be run, backwashed, and rinsed multiple times, which is beneficial for cleaning the filter media.


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