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Team Building 2022
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Team Building 2022

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On 2022.7.9-7.10, we organized a two-day and one-night team building activity.

Team Building

Team building is the process of creating stronger bonds between the members of a group, through different kinds of activities and events, with the final objective of making a cohesive team out of a group of people.


We had a total of 20 players, divided into 2 groups for PK, which fully mobilized everyone's passion and enthusiasm, enhanced the sense of team honor, and cultivated efficient team cooperation, thus promoting the cordial communication among the employees of the company.


On the second day, the whole team climbed TuoLiang Mountain. In the process of climbing, the coach also gave us tasks, and we did our best to complete each task. After more than three hours, we finally reached the top.


After the team building, we shared our feelings about this training: in work and collective life, we are all part of the team, we should always have the team spirit of mutual help and collaboration, and we can all take each task in work seriously and do our best to complete it.


Through this team building, we deeply appreciate the great centripetal force of the team, success belongs to every member of the team, without the collaboration and joint efforts of every member of the team, like a lonely sail, it is difficult to sail away.


We hope that we can apply what we have learned, take every job seriously and achieve more excellent results in the second half of the year.

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