AMANDA has 24 years of water treatment industry experience and 11 years of export experience.,it is a production and distribution company of water treatment products, production:UV sterilizer/Ozone generator/Industry and Household purification system;distribution:FRP tank/RUNXIN valve/ Water distributor/RO membrane/Industry RO membrane housing/Filter cartridge /Filter housing .
Uv Led Water Disinfection Filter Water Treatment Environmental Products
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Uv Led Water Disinfection Filter Water Treatment Environmental Products

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uvc led water purification

 Advantages of UV LED Water Purifier

  • UVC LED has the same function as traditional mercury vapor lamps, but it has many advantages in comparison.

  • Eco-friendly - Traditional UV lamps use heavy metals that are difficult to handle and have high disposal costs.

  • Compact design - LEDs are more compact compared to mercury vapor counterparts, meaning they can easily be integrated into new innovative designs.

  • Instant on/off - UVC LED can work immediately, so there is no need for a warm-up time, which is a common limitation of mercury vapor lamps.

  • Unlimited cycling - On/off cycles do not affect the lifespan of LEDs, meaning the range of cycles is not restricted.

  • Temperature-independent - LEDs can emit photons from different surfaces as their heat emission. They can be designed such that if UVC LED is used for water purification, they will not transfer heat to the water.

  • Wavelength selection - One of the biggest advantages of UV-C LED is that users can configure them to select specific wavelengths that are most efficiently absorbed by selected microorganisms.

 UVC LED Display

uv led water purifieruv led water purifier
uvc led water purificationuvc led water purification
uv led water purificationuv led water purification




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