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UV Water Sterilizer PK Ozone Generator
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UV Water Sterilizer PK Ozone Generator

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Compared to other germicidal disinfection methods, UV Water Sterilizer and Ozone Generators have been more widely used in the water treatment industry in recent years. UVC can destroy bacterial DNA, ozone can play a strong oxidising effect, according to the different environments of the two sterilisation role of each.

UV Water Sterilizer PK Ozone Generator 

UVC sterilizer principle.

Research has shown that the wavelength of UV light between 200-290mm can penetrate the cell membrane of bacteria or viruses to control the genetic phenomenon and biological function of nucleic acid (DNA) to cause damage, so that it loses the ability to reproduce, thus achieving the goal of sterilisation.

Experiments have shown that UV at wavelengths of 250-260mm are more readily absorbed by nucleic acids (DNA) than other wavelengths. This is why this wavelength is the most potent. This is why this wavelength has the highest germicidal power. The treatment is effective when the amount of UVC radiation required to kill the micro-organisms is applied without any change in the water quality, providing a flash sterilisation in a very short time. Moreover, this treatment is done in a straight tube flow type device.

UVC sterilizer sterilization principle. 

The advantages of germicidal UVC water treatment:

Broad-spectrum, UV sterilization of the broad spectrum is the highest, it is almost all bacteria, viruses can be killed with high efficiency; 2, high efficiency sterilization, purple outside the line of bacteria, virus sterilization use generally in one to two seconds can reach 99% -99.9% sterilization rate; 3, low operation and maintenance costs, UV sterilization equipment covers an area of small, simple building requirements, so the total investment is less. Traditional disinfection techniques such as chlorination or ozone use disinfectants that are highly toxic and flammable. UV disinfection systems do not have such safety risks; 5, no secondary pollution, UV sterilisation does not add any chemicals, so it will not produce secondary pollution to the water and the surrounding environment. It does not change any components of the water.

 UV Water Sterilizer

Ozone generator in the water treatment application principle:

Friends with a little knowledge of chemistry will know that ozone is a strong oxidising agent, and like chlorination, ozone can play a disinfecting role as well as an oxidising role. In addition, ozone is a stronger disinfectant and oxidiser than chlorine, oxidising organic matter in water and killing viruses, spores and bacteria. Ozone is produced on site using air or pure oxygen through an ozone generator at a yield of 1-3% and 2%-6% respectively.

 Ozone generator principle

The advantages of ozone sterilisation:

1. Ozone disinfection can reduce the concentration of organic halides in water.

2, Ozone can reduce the amount of THMs and other halogenated alkane disinfection by-products in water.

3, ozone disinfection reaction is rapid, sterilization efficiency is high, and can effectively remove residual organic matter, colour, smell, taste, etc., by the PH value, the temperature of the impact is very small.

Ozone Generator 

The above is a brief introduction to the role of UV sterilisers and ozone generators in water treatment respectively. It is easy to see that the two sterilisation methods have their own advantages. Of course, they are also subject to a number of constraints, such as: poor water quality turbidity is high when the efficiency of germicidal UVC will be severely restricted. Ozone disinfection can produce aldehydes, ketones, alcohols and other substances, and if chlorinated, can produce harmful substances such as trihalomethanes.       

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To sum up, in the field of water treatment UVC sterilizers and ozone generators have their own advantages. According to the specific environment reasonable choice to achieve the perfect sterilization purpose. With the rapid development of the industrial economy, water resources around the world are showing varying degrees of pollution. In recent years, along with the rapid development of the domestic economy, China's water resources pollution situation is not optimistic. It is believed that in such a context, in the next few years, China and the world's water treatment industry will continue to develop at a rapid pace.