AMANDA has 24 years of water treatment industry experience and 11 years of export experience.,it is a production and distribution company of water treatment products, production:UV sterilizer/Ozone generator/Industry and Household purification system;distribution:FRP tank/RUNXIN valve/ Water distributor/RO membrane/Industry RO membrane housing/Filter cartridge /Filter housing .
Video communication with customer
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Video communication with customer

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In July, our sales director, Vanilla, and salesman, Peter, had a video communication with our customer in Tanzania.

The main products of the customer are: polypropylene cartridge and microporous folded cartridge. The products are used in tap water and beverage plant filtration. The customer bought UF ultrafiltration membrane for his friend on April 15 and microporous folded cartridge for himself on May 9.

After using it, the customer was interested in our products and wanted to increase the product line and do more business. Brought his wife along and attached great importance to the video conference.

We introduced the company brand, product features and guided the customer to select products (advantageous products: Vontron/Runxin/FRP tank/RO machine, etc.) to establish long-term cooperation with the customer.

The video conference lasted for 2 hours and ended successfully.

Finally we assisted the customer to organize the product manual (with customer LOGO and company information) and reached a new cooperation with the customer.

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Amanda consists of 2 factories,2 sales companies, it is a manufactuer and distribution company, professional water treatment equipment production, water purification solution, water treatment components wholesale company in Shijiazhuang Hebei ,closing to Tianjin port .


The main products are: Industry and Household RO system ,FRP tank,RO membrane,RO membrane vessel,RUNXIN valve, Household water purifier, water filter cartridge,water filter housing ,UV sterilizer, ozone generator.

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