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What affects desalination water quality?
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What affects desalination water quality?

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    Seawater contains a lot of salts and cannot be used directly, but needs to be treated before it can be used, but there are many factors that affect the quality of water from desalination plants, resulting in unusable water.

    Although there are many desalination technologies in the world, the main ones that have reached commercial scale are distillation and reverse osmosis.

    The distillation method is to heat the raw water and vaporize it, and then make the steam condense to obtain desalinated water. The factors affecting the quality of the product water mainly include raw water extraction, pretreatment and equipment corrosion. If the raw water is taken from the underground aquifer containing anaerobic organisms or the water source directly contains hydrogen sulfide, it will reduce the sulfate in the water to produce monomersulfur, which will easily enter the product water and have an adverse effect on the color and taste of the water. Pretreatment process requires the addition of scale inhibitors, defoamers, biocides and other chemicals, if used improperly will have an impact on the product water quality. Distillation method desalination equipment corrosion of some parts will directly cause corrosion products into the product water, the use of seawater corrosion-resistant metals, adding corrosion inhibitors, sacrificial anodes and other methods can effectively reduce corrosion.

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    Reverse osmosis desalination is a pressure-driven membrane separation process, and the factors that affect its product water quality are mainly pretreatment and special chemicals. Pretreatment starts with removal of suspended solids and turbidity. Improper pretreatment process can damage the reverse osmosis membrane modules and thus affect the quality of the product water. Reverse osmosis membranes do not completely retain some special chemicals, such as molecular carbon dioxide and boron removal rate is not high.

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