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What are the common problems with home tap water?
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What are the common problems with home tap water?

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With the continuous improvement of people's material and cultural living standards, the requirements for tap water quality have also gradually increased, and any slight change in water quality can cause uneasiness in water use. In order for people to enjoy water resources with more confidence, let's take a look at the most important issues that people care about, such as the benefits of washing water pipes.


Q: Why do I always feel that the tap water smells bad? It seems like the smell of bleach.

tap water has smells bad


A: Don't worry, the bleach smell you are referring to is actually the smell of chlorine. Chlorine is commonly used in the disinfection and sterilization of tap water production. In order to completely kill bacteria and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria in the pipeline network, the tap water in the pipeline should contain a certain amount of residual chlorine according to national standards, so it is normal to smell a little chlorine in the water, which does not affect the safety of drinking. Chlorine is a volatile substance, the water will be placed for a period of time or boiled, there will be no smell.


Q: Sometimes the water released from my home is milky white, but after sitting for a few moments that is clarified, this water can be used?


A: This phenomenon generally occurs after the water stoppage, because after the water stoppage and then the water, the water supply pipe into the air, the air in the water pressure decomposition into many tiny bubbles, bubbles of the close arrangement of the tap water was milky white, but only in the container after a couple of minutes, as the bubbles disappear, the water will naturally become clear. The water quality in this case is safe and will not affect human health, so please feel free to use it.


Q: My home put out the tap water is sometimes blue, what is the condition?


A: This situation is still relatively rare, if it occurs, it is generally because the customer in order to keep the sanitary ware clean, put in the toilet tank toilet cleaning spirit, so that the water in the tank appears blue. Under normal circumstances, under the action of water pressure, the flow of water is positive, so the water in the tank will not enter the water supply pipe. But when there is a water stoppage or downstairs customers use water when it is easy to produce negative pressure, then if the tank check valve fails, it will make the blue water in the tank backflow into the water supply pipe, the phenomenon of blue water. Therefore, it is recommended that you use toilet bowl cleaning additives such as toilet bowl cleaner with caution.


Q: Sometimes when you get up in the morning or home from work just open the faucet, put out the water yellow, but put a while to turn clear, what is the reason?


A: This phenomenon generally occurs in part of the community built a long time. District or home pipeline aging and rust phenomenon, tap water for a long time to stay in the inner wall of the rusted pipe, just open the faucet when the water quality yellowing phenomenon, especially the use of longer galvanized steel pipe, this phenomenon is more serious. If the water pipe is not cleaned regularly, it is easy to cause secondary pollution to the water quality, affecting the health of you and your family, so it is recommended that you should clean the water pipe regularly. If you have no experience in cleaning water pipes, you can look for a professional water pipe cleaning service team, such as the day village water main pipe, on the one hand to ensure the effectiveness of water pipe cleaning, on the other hand, can save their time.


In short, tap water plays a very important role in our lives, and using all methods to improve the quality of drinking water is also responsible for yourself and your family. We offer a high quality range of home water purifiers, click here if you need one.