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What is the water in our bodies used for?
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What is the water in our bodies used for?

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We may know a lot about the various types of water in nature (rainwater, seawater, rivers, etc.), but we often know very little about the water in our own bodies. If we understood the role and function of water in our bodies, we would be enlightened and many of our preconceptions would change. The diverse physicochemical properties of water allow it to perform a variety of key organismal functions, including:


Aids digestion

The food we put in our mouths, after being chewed by our teeth and moistened by saliva, undergoes a process of complete digestion and absorption from the oesophagus to the gut, all requiring the involvement of water. The nutrients we need can only be absorbed if they are fully dissolved in water.

Transporting nutrients

Water transports fully dissolved nutrients, to the cells and metabolites out of the cells. Water also transports various biologically active substances such as hormones, enzymes, platelets, blood cells etc. Water enables the metabolic processes of the cell to proceed smoothly after the chemical functions.

Excretion of waste

Water is a very good solvent and suspension medium. Many substances are dissolved or suspended in water and can form new substances through various reactions. This property of water allows the waste and toxins produced by metabolic processes in the body to be excreted. They are excreted from the body in a variety of ways. All of these excretion methods require the involvement of water in order to achieve this.

Lubricating the joints

Water is the main source of lubricating fluid for the body's joints. Water acts as a solvent together with various viscous molecules to form the lubricating fluid that lubricates the joints. It also forms the viscous fluids that lubricate the digestive and urinary tracts, the plasma that lubricates the internal organs and the saliva and other digestive secretions that lubricate food as it passes through the digestive tract.

Balancing body temperature

Water, after absorbing heat, has relatively little change in its own temperature. Due to this ability to dissolve heat, water releases heat by absorbing heat, producing and evaporating sweat to help the body regulate its temperature and keep it normal.

Maintenance of cells

Water is an essential component of the body's structure. It promotes cellular metabolism and is involved in maintaining the normal shape of cells and the composition of intact cell membranes. It also protects the entire organism through its cushioning effect. It is also needed for the maintenance of the structure of the organism. It also maintains the lubrication and elasticity of the skin. The regulation of the hydration state and volume of cells is crucial for maintaining their normal function.

In summary, it is easy to see that water is the substance on which the human organism relies to maintain basic life activities and is closely related to our health. However, as water pollution becomes more and more serious, people pay more and more attention to the quality of drinking water, and water purifiers are born. A good water purifier can not only filter the impurities, germs and heavy metals in the water but also properly retain the minerals in the water and retain the activity of the water, which is good for your health.