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Why you need a Neoprene Water Softener Tank Jacket
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Why you need a Neoprene Water Softener Tank Jacket

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Why you need a neoprene water softener tank jacket?

Whenever cold water flows through a tank or pipe in a warm/wet area, condensation forms on the outside of the tank. The more water that flows, the greater the potential for puddles to form on the floor, which can damage the floor. Because these water treatment tanks are often located in areas with poor air circulation and dirty conditions, mold can quickly begin to grow on the outside of the tank.

neoprene water softener tank jacket

To stop this mess, you need to insulate the outside of the tank. These neoprene jackets (the same material used to make wetsuits) provide a clean and easy solution to reduce tank condensation, mold growth and puddles on the floor of the utility room.

FRP tank sleeve

How do I install the jackets?

They are very easy to install because they have a zipper on the back. Before zipping up, enclose the tank with the jacket and use the Velcro straps at the bottom to hold the sides together. Then pull it up slowly! If it is slightly off-center, you can rotate the jacket slightly to improve the appearance. 

water softener tank jacket


water softener tank covers


water softener sweat jacket


You do not need to remove valves or pipes when installing these jackets. They can be used with any media tank, whether it is a water softener, an iron or sulfur filter, or a backwashing carbon or sediment filter.