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2540 FRP RO Membrane Housing
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2540 FRP RO Membrane Housing

FRP housing, durable, excellent corrosion resistance and sealing, good thermal insulation, other colours also available.

2540 FRP RO Membrane Housing

AMD FRP Membrane Housing Pressure Vessel



Product Name: 4040 FRP RO Membrane Housing
Material: FRP
Pressure: 150/ 300/ 450/ 600/ 1000/ 1200psi
Size: 4040 and longer
Connection: End port or side port

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Model PS PSI(MPa) Connection Membrane size

Number of elements

UMK-80S150 150(1.0) SIDE 8040 1-8


SIDE 8040 1-8
UMK-80S450 450(3.1) SIDE 8040 1-8
UMK-80S600 600(4.1) SIDE 8040 1-8
UMK-80S1000 1000(6.9) SIDE 8040 1-8



SIDE 8040 1-8

Model PS PSI(MPa) Connection Membrane size

Number of elements

UMK-80E150 150(1.0) END 8040 1-8


END 8040 1-8
UMK-80E450 450(3.1) END 8040 1-8
UMK-80E600 600(4.1) END 8040 1-8
UMK-80E1000 1000(6.9) END 8040 1-8



END 8040 1-8

Model PS PSI(MPa) Connection Membrane size

Number of elements

UMK-40S150 150(1.0) SIDE 8040 1-4


SIDE 8040 1-4
UMK-40S450 450(3.1) SIDE 8040 1-4
UMK-40S600 600(4.1) SIDE 8040 1-4
UMK-40S1000 1000(6.9) SIDE 8040 1-4

Model PS PSI(MPa) Connection Membrane size

Number of elements

UMK-40E150 150(1.0) END 4040 1-4


END 4040 1-4
UMK-40E450 450(3.1) END 4040 1-4
UMK-40E600 600(4.1) END 4040 1-4
UMK-40E1000 1000(6.9) END 4040 1-4


Membrane pressure vessels characteristic

1) FRP wound housing for durability

2) Working pressure: 300, 400 or 1,000PSI

3) Port or side port options

4) Operating temperature: -7°C to 49°C

5) Standard colour: white

6) Other colours are available

7) Can be manufactured to customer order

Spare parts:

End plate adopts aerial processing technique, eficiently improving the intensity and capacity to resist deformation

Seal kit adopts special structure and technique,efcienty enhancing the leak tightness

End-plate made of aluminum alloy.enhance the ability to resist deformation

Seal kit adopts environmental material to assure the leak tightness and high water quality, meanwhile to improve its anti-aging capacity

Inlet and outlet are made of high quality stainless stee 316L materials, which have a strong ability to resistance corrosion, easy to

disassembly, assembly, maintenance

Quality Assurance

Burst test with 6 times of its design pressure

100,000 times cycle test

100% quality assurance test with 1.1 times stage elevation of hydrostatic pressure


 Product details

AMD Product details

AMD The product production1_1
AMD Product details_1

The product production

AMD The product production
AMD The product production
AMD The product production

  Product Parameters

ITEM NO. PSI(MPa) Connection Membrane size Number of elements
UMK40E150 150(1.0) END 4040 1-4
UMK40E300 300(2.1) END 4040 1-4
UMK40E450 450(3.1) END 4040 1-4
UMK40E600 600(4.1) END 4040 1-4
UMK40E1000 1000(6.9) END 4040 1-4


1.Q:Are you a factory or trading company?
        A:Yes, we are a manufacture with designing, manufacturing, marketing and exporting.

2.Q:How do you usually pack the exported goods?
        A:We usually use bubble bag, then wooden box with pallet.
3.Q:Could we choose color?
        A:yes, you can choose White  Blue  Orange Red  Green
4.Q:What's your warranty?
        A:Our warranty is 1 year. But normally, our RO housing can working 5 years before repair.




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