AMANDA has 24 years of water treatment industry experience and 11 years of export experience.,it is a production and distribution company of water treatment products, production:UV sterilizer/Ozone generator/Industry and Household purification system;distribution:FRP tank/RUNXIN valve/ Water distributor/RO membrane/Industry RO membrane housing/Filter cartridge /Filter housing .
4040 Industrial Water Filter ULP 4040 RO Membrane in Africa
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4040 Industrial Water Filter ULP 4040 RO Membrane in Africa

The 4040 Industrial Water Filter ULP 4040 RO Membrane is an advanced reverse osmosis filtration product designed for use in Africa.
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  ULP 4040 RO Membrane in Africa

 ULP 4040 RO Membrane in Africa


  • High-performance RO membrane that effectively removes impurities, contaminants, and dissolved solids from water.

  • Designed for commercial and industrial applications, offering reliable and consistent water purification.

  • Provides high salt rejection and low energy consumption for cost-effective operation.

  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

  • Compatible with standard 4-inch membrane housings for easy integration into existing RO systems.

  • Trusted by professionals for its superior quality and efficiency.

  Specifications and Major Properties


Product: ULP 4040 RO Membrane

Application: Commercial and industrial water purification

Performance: High salt rejection, low energy consumption

Compatibility: Fits standard 4-inch membrane housings

Durability: Long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance

Quality: Trusted by professionals for reliability and efficiency

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