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Several methods of water purification
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Several methods of water purification

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1.Multi media filtration

      Refers to mechanical filtration, remove suspended matter in water, colloid, turbidity, chromaticity, odor, etc.The main filtration methods are clarifier, fast filter, sand filter,multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, disc filter, high efficiency fiber filter, etc.


       It is a membrane filtration to remove macromolecules and colloids, bacteria, etc. Ultrafiltration membrane cannot remove ions from water,that is to say,it has no salt removal function. It is used for RO pretreatment or fine treatment after reverse osmosis, and can also be used alone.

water purification3.Reverse Osmosis Filtration

        Reverse osmosis, referred to as RO, is the principle of raw water under high pressure through the RO membrane, the solvent in the water from high concentration to low concentration diffusion so as to achieve the purpose of separation, purification, concentration, because it is the opposite direction of osmosis with the natural world, so it is called reverse osmosis.

        Reverse osmosis can remove bacteria, viruses, colloids, organic matter and more than 98% of dissolved salts from water. This method has the characteristics of low operating cost, simple operation, high automation and stable water quality.

                         RO Membrane

4.EDI Water Treatment

       This is a kind of new process which Combine electrodialysis and ion exchange.EDI feed water have a high requirement,it must be RO produced water or the equivalent of RO produced water quality.

5.Ion exchange pure water treatment

Ion exchange resin pure water equipment is a traditional water treatment process that uses anion and cation exchange resins to replace various anions and cations in the water.It is the irreplaceable mean to prepare ultra-pure water and high-purity water.