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RO Membrane

These are related to the RO Membrane news, in which you can learn about the updated information in RO Membrane, to help you better understand and expand RO Membrane market. Because the market for RO Membrane is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • [Industry news] Comparison of UF、NF、MF、RO Membranes

    Ultrafiltration (UF). The filtration precision is 0.001-0.1 micron, which belongs to one of the high-tech in the 21st century. It is a kind of membrane separation technology using pressure difference, which can filter out rust, sediment, suspended matter, colloid, bacteria, macromolecular organ

  • [Industry news] Precautions for water treatment equipment construction and how to reduce failures

    Water is an indispensable natural resource for human development, is the material basis for human and all living things to survive. In today's world, water shortage and pollution constitute the water crisis has become a complex problem faced by any country in policy, economy and technology and t

  • Membrane Housing for RO System

    As we all know, the core component of reverse osmosis water purification equipment is the cartridge component, and the cartridge is composed of various membranes and membrane housing which is the container that carries the membrane in the reverse osmosis water purification equipment, the quality of

  • Several methods of water purification

    1、Multi media filtration Refers to mechanical filtration, remove suspended matter in water, colloid, turbidity, chromaticity, odor, etc.The main filtration methods are clarifier, fast filter, sand filter,multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, disc filter, high efficiency fiber filter, etc



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