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Precautions for water treatment equipment construction and how to reduce failures
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Precautions for water treatment equipment construction and how to reduce failures

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    Water is an indispensable natural resource for human development, is the material basis for human and all living things to survive. In today's world, water shortage and pollution constitute the water crisis has become a complex problem faced by any country in policy, economy and technology and the main constraint of socio-economic development. Environmental issues are a lot of attention, especially water safety issues, so water treatment equipment is a lot of attention to the equipment, but many people do not know much about the equipment, so what are the considerations in the construction of water treatment equipment?

    1. Water treatment equipment in the construction, commissioning and acceptance process, where involved in mechanical installation, pipeline construction, welding technology, monitoring instruments and program control and other parts, should be used with reference to the design provisions, national standards and the corresponding technical conditions.

    2. The construction of water treatment equipment, should be in accordance with the design drawings and relevant technical documents of the manufacturer. Equipment in place before the construction unit should work with the installation, civil construction, supervision and other units to check the following.

(1) the geometric size of the equipment foundation, the corresponding location and elevation should meet the design requirements;

(2) reinforced concrete beams, columns and equipment on the foundation of the pre-buried parts and reserved holes, its size and location should be in line with the design requirements;

(3) flat bottom water tank equipment foundation should be made on the bedding layer, the center of the bedding layer should be sloped outward, the center should be 15mm ~ 20mm higher than the edge.

    3. Water treatment equipment for adjustment before trial run, civil construction should be completed as follows.

(1) water treatment indoor and outdoor anti-corrosion ground, anti-corrosion trench and neutralization pool should be completed construction, and acceptance of qualified. Drainage, slagging ditch unobstructed, ditch cover plate complete, the plate surface and the ground flush;

(2) water treatment room interior painting, painting, ground, platform, steps and doors and windows, etc., should be completed in accordance with the design requirements of construction;

(3) laboratory water and sewage, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, power and laboratory facilities should be completed according to the design requirements of the construction;

(4) acid and alkali storage structures and anti-corrosion and ventilation facilities should all be completed construction, acceptance.

(5) All devices of water treatment equipment are installed and can be put into use.

Industrial RO System

    4.And water treatment systems related to electrical, thermal, chemical instrumentation and operating panels, should be installed and calibrated, correct instructions, sensitive operation, and can be put into use (excluding program control devices).

    5. Lighting and communication facilities, should be able to meet the normal conduct of the trial operation.

    6. Rotating machinery should be qualified by the division test run.

    7. All pipes, equipment, should be painted according to the relevant provisions of the color finished.

    8. Water treatment equipment required filter media, exchange agents and pharmaceutical specifications should be in line with the design, the number should meet the needs of the start-up trial run, and filled.

     How to reduce failure of water treatment equipment

    1. The use of water treatment equipment precautions

     After obtaining the water quality to carry out a full range of water quality analysis, and on the basis of this design on the reverse osmosis equipment system. Before the design to determine the RO feed water SDI value. If the water quality changes, you need to make corresponding design adjustments in a timely manner. Select the appropriate membrane elements for the equipment, cellulose acetate membranes or low-pollution membrane elements may be more effective for treating more complex surface water or wastewater. Ensure adequate pretreatment. For water flux selection, use some commonly used data whenever possible. In terms of recovery rate, not necessarily the amount required, should be suitable for the amount.

     2. Pay attention to the maintenance of the RO membrane

     Permeate membrane is the key component of the pure water treatment equipment. Following the large-scale use of pure water treatment equipment in various industries to make water in the slow opening of the high-pressure pump outlet water inlet control valve at the same time. Take pure water, reverse osmosis membrane is also getting more and more attention. Because the price of reverse osmosis membrane is expensive, so how to extend its use of life has become one of the issues of concern to users. Regular maintenance helps to extend the price of Baoding reverse osmosis water purification equipment and reverse osmosis membrane service life.

RO Membrane

     3. The maintenance of components

     Water treatment equipment system of concentrated water control valve and connected to the discharge valve in the concentrated water outlet should be in a fully open state. In this process. Used reverse osmosis membrane elements are generally soaked in 1% sodium bisulfite and 18% glycerin aqueous solution, and then stored in a closed plastic bag. Calibrate at least 1 time in 3 months. In case of breakage of the plastic bag, it can be stored for about one year and its life and function will not be affected when it is used again. When the plastic bag is opened, it should be applied quickly to prevent the sodium bisulfite from being oxidized in the air and forming adverse effects on the membrane elements.

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