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Membrane Housing for RO System
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Membrane Housing for RO System

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         As we all know, the core component of reverse osmosis water purification equipment is the cartridge component, and the cartridge is composed of various membranes and membrane housing which is the container that carries the membrane in the RO water purification equipment, the quality of the membrane housing will directly affect performance of the internal membrane efficacy, there are many kinds of common membrane housing, how to choose the right membrane housing for yourself?

RO Membrane HousingPressure Vessel

Types of membrane housing

         At present, the commonly used membrane housing is made of food grade PP material, glass steel, stainless steel and other materials. Its main role is to carry various types of equivalent ultrafiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane container, to ensure the effectiveness of filtration.

1.PP Plastic Membrane Housing

PP plastic membrane housing has the advantages of good elasticity, light texture, can be self-adjusting with the size of the water pressure, but in the wear-resistant, pressure, anti-aging performance is slightly worse, if the water pressure is too large, may cause the breakage, water leakage failure.

2.Transparent Glass Tube Membrane Housing

Transparent glass tube membrane housing have a higher pressure resistance than plastic. However, the glass is fragile and the utilization rate is reduced, and it is mostly used in some special industries.

3.Stainless Steel Membrane Housing

The stainless steel membrane housing is better in quality and pressure resistance, and has advantages in anti-aging. However, the material requirements are stricter, and the price is slightly more expensive, and it is mostly used in commercial and industrial water purification products.

   Stainless steel membrane housing is the basic part of mechanical equipment, the material is made of 304 stainless steel seamless tube, according to the end cover sealing form can be divided into: clamp type, flange type, built-in type; according to the water inlet mode can be divided into: end into, side into. 

Stainless Steel Membrane Housing

4. FRP Membrane Housing

         FRP membrane housing are manufactured by computer program-controlled winding units and high-performance processing equipment. The main performance characteristics are as follows.

①Excellent inner quality: The main materials of FRP membrane housing are epoxy resin and fiber. The material is treated by special process, so that the finished product is produced in the degree of pressure resistance, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance to achieve the advantages of ordinary steel, plastic and other materials can not be compared.

②Excellent Insulation Performance: Excellent insulation performance: The thermal conductivity of the FRP membrane housing is generally within the range of 0.15-1.36W (m.k) at room temperature, which is only about 1/200. Its thermal insulation performance cannot be reached by metal materials. This feature is of great benefit to reverse osmosis membranes, which can isolate the influence of external temperature on the membrane.

③Outstanding Corrosion Resistance: the combination ratio of glass fiber and epoxy resin is specially cured to form a natural corrosion-resistant product. The inner and surface coating can effectively inhibit seawater and microorganisms entering the shell. No corrosion in long-term use.

FRP Membrane Housing

④Structural Design: The barrel, head and slotting of the membrane shell have undergone strict layering design and optimized calculation details to ensure structural safety, ensuring the safety and stability of the structure under long-term pressure. The opening on the thick water side is even optimally designed to meet the necessary safety pressure of one head opening four side openings, and in strengthening the variability in the installation process.

⑤Reliability of Components: The end plate is an important part of the membrane housing assembly, and the end plate is made of fiber reinforced molding plastic with high strength, excellent pressure and high pressure impact resistance. The seal design is professionally designed "V+X" ring with O-type end plate seal to ensure that it does not leak under low and high temperature range.

⑥High-quality Comprehensive Performance of the Product: the internal structure is safe and reliable. Excellent combination of supporting parts, so that the sealing pressure performance is higher. Excellent external surface treatment, so that the product remains as new in any hot and humid environment.