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Company's Trip to Zhangbei
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Company's Trip to Zhangbei

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In recent times, our company organized an unforgettable travel activity, with the destination being Zhangbei in China. This trip not only allowed us to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and get closer to nature but also provided us with an opportunity to relax, unwind, and enhance our communication with each other.

We arrived in Zhangbei, a place renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery. We were greeted by vast grasslands, majestic mountains, and crystal-clear lakes. The fresh air and pleasant landscapes made us quickly forget about our busy work and stresses.

canola farm

During the trip, we visited famous attractions in Zhangbei such as the Bashang Grassland, Heilongtan, and Kongshan. On the Bashang Grassland, we experienced the vastness of the grasslands, distancing ourselves from the noise of the city and freely roaming on the green meadows. Heilongtan's pristine lake allowed us to witness fish swimming playfully, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Standing on the peak of Kongshan, we overlooked the magnificent scenery of the entire Zhangbei region, truly feeling the grandeur and greatness of nature.


In addition to sightseeing, we also participated in a series of team activities including hiking, bonfire parties, and nature-based team-building exercises. Hiking allowed us to experience the charm of nature firsthand, providing relaxation for both our bodies and minds. The bonfire party was a joyful evening where we gathered around the fire, singing, dancing, and enjoying each other's company. The nature-based team-building exercises helped us improve our teamwork and communication skills as we supported and collaborated with each other to overcome various challenges.

bonfire party

This company trip to Zhangbei not only allowed us to appreciate the beauty of nature but also strengthened our understanding and trust in each other. We left behind beautiful memories in this picturesque land and returned with renewed energy and motivation. We firmly believe that such travel activities not only enhance our employees' teamwork and cohesion but also bring more opportunities and achievements for our company's development.

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Zhangbei, your beauty has captivated our hearts. We will forever cherish the memories of this trip and eagerly anticipate our next gathering.