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How to install water softening equipment
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How to install water softening equipment

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1、Ensure the stability of the tank: First, the resin tank and salt box will be located on a solid foundation.

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2、Install the lower water distributor firmly at the bottom end of the center tube. Cut off the upper end of the center tube at 0.5mm below the tank mouth and guide the angle, then seal the center tube mouth with tape to prevent resin from leaking in.

3、Fill the resin into the resin tank evenly. Remove the sealing tape of the center tube, rinse and wipe the top of the center tube and the end of the resin tank with water, and apply silicone oil to the center tube and the controller seal.


4、Attach the upper water distributor to the control valve, then insert the center tube from inside the upper distributor into the control valve. Carefully turn the control valve in a clockwise direction until it is screwed onto the resin tank interface (or fixed with a flange connection) Be sure the center tube is inserted into the valve body. The lower water distributor and the center tube must be tight, note: the upper water distributor with the control valve and the center tube. Prevent the resin from running out. The center tube and control valve must be tight not to leak, otherwise the phenomenon of scurrying hard water will occur.

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5、Boiler water softening equipment salt valve assembly.Insert the stainless steel strainer into the small copper fitting.Connecting the end with the screen to the salt-absorbing interface of the control valve.Insert the small copper fittings of the salt suction pipe connected to the valve body into the salt suction pipe and then connect with the plastic elbow.The length of the brine line connection should not exceed 2m to maintain a good seal.Place the salt valve into the salt well of the salt tank,otherwise it will affect the regeneration effect of the water softener.

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6、The connection length of the drainage pipe should not exceed 6m shall not use soft plastic pipe. Affect the drainage effect.

7、Boiler water softening equipment piping connection