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HS Code for Water Treatment Industry
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HS Code for Water Treatment Industry

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    HS Code, short for Harmonized System of Codes. Its full name is the International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System

    Currently more than 98% of the global trade volume uses this directory, which has become a standard language for international trade. Here is the customs code of the water treatment industry for your convenience and cooperation!

HS code

8421219990 Water treatment/water treatment system/water treatment device/water treatment purification equipment/RO water treatment system/water softening treatment system/drinking water treatment device/water treatment filter equipment/water treatment system equipment/reverse osmosis water treatment system/water treatment filtration device/reverse osmosis desalination device

8421211000 Household type water treatment and purification device / reverse osmosis water purifier / reverse osmosis water purifier / reverse osmosis drinking water dispenser

8421991000 Home water treatment accessories / cartridge / home reverse osmosis membrane

8421999090 Industrial water treatment system / water treatment accessories / water treatment containers / salt tank, membrane vessel, FRP tank, water cloth, filter housing

3909390000 Water treatment resin

3802109000 Water treatment activated carbon

8402900000 Boiler water treatment device

8481804090 Water treatment control valves

8419200000 Water treatment disinfection sterilization equipment

8543709990 Ultraviolet water treatment sterilizer

The above HS code can be summarized as two: 842121 and 842199. 

842121 is the number of water treatment equipment. 

HS code water treatment

842199 is the number of water treatment accessories.

HS code

    In short, both water treatment equipment and water treatment accessories occupy a huge number of trade times worldwide. Among them, the number of trade in accessories is basically twice the number of water treatment equipment. This is normal, because the frequency of replacement of accessories and lower prices, the number of trade is naturally high.

Water Treatment Global Exporter

    In the water treatment industry, China occupies the first position among the world's exporters, which not only represents the large market share of China's water treatment industry, but also represents that China's water treatment products are welcomed by the world.

Water Treatment Global Exporter

    We are a professional integrated service provider of water treatment products in China, committed to bring China's first-class water treatment products to the world, choose us, is the choice of quality!

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