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Top 10 Ion Exchange Resin Manufacturers in the World
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Top 10 Ion Exchange Resin Manufacturers in the World

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Ion exchange resin is a kind of insoluble polymer compound with functional group (active group of exchange ion), network structure. They are usually spherical particles. The full name of ion exchange resin consists of taxonomic name, skeleton (or gene) name and basic name.

The pore structure is divided into two types: gel type and large pore type. All macroporous resins with physical pore structure are added "big hole" before the full name. If the classification is acidic, "Yang" should be added before the name; if the classification is alkaline, "Yin" should be added before the name. Such as: macroporous strong acid styrene cation exchange resin.

Here we have compiled the top 10 well-known resin brands in the world and China.

Famous ion exchange resin brand in the world.

Purolite (USA)  Website:

Dowex   (USA)   Website:

Resintech (USA)   Website:

DuPont (USA)    Website:

Thermax (USA)  Website:

LANXESS (Germany)   Website:

Rohm and Haas (USA)    Amberlite, Amberjet, and Duolite brand resins from it.

On April 1, 2009, The Dow Chemical Company completed the acquisition of Rohm and Haas Corporation.

Diaion (Japan)  Website:

Samyang (Korea)  Website:


Chinese resin brands.

Hydrolite (Zhejiang)  Website:

Pure (Zhejiang)  Website:

Sunresin (Xi'an)  Website:

Suqing (Jiangsu)  Website:

Higer (Henan)  Website:

Sanxing (Anhui)  Website:

Success (US Succes factory in China)  Website:

BLUESTAR (Shandong)  Website:

Bojie (Suzhou)  Website:

Lijiang (Hebei)  Website: