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Runxin Control Valve After-sales Service Cases
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Runxin Control Valve After-sales Service Cases

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Service is an important embodiment of product value, Amanda has implemented an orderly service plan among customers. We always carry out the service tenet of "timely, professional, sincere and considerate", and implement perfect service before, during and after the sale of products, so that the value of the products can be maximized in the hands of users and create higher value and convenience for customers.

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Our company in the "quality first", "customer first" principle, in addition to a very high performance to price ratio, but also to provide quality and comprehensive after-sales service, in order to let new and old customers more assured to use our products, we guarantee that after receiving the product quality problems of letters, faxes, telephone, to ensure customer satisfaction as soon as possible.


At the same time, we also welcome you to supervise our service behavior and service quality! The following are our after-sales service cases.

Water Softener Valves

On June 18, 2021, we had a video conference with South Africa's largest water treatment company Puretech to provide Q&A service for Runxin Control Valves.

Technician experience introduction:

Mr.Tian, Senior engineer, graduated from Lanzhou University, one of founder of Amanda Group, over 24 years water treatment experience, 15 years production experience.

Mr.Lei, professional engineer, 10 years technician experience about Runxin valve, the main person in charge of the after-sales team of Run valve and responsible for technical support and after-sales maintenance.

1.Meeting content:

Explained in detail the difference between different models of products for customers.

1). P/C series filter control valve difference:

①When plugged in, the C series has no sound and the P series has a buzzing sound

②Both are ceramic chips; ③Motor are same; ④Big gear are different

2). Which type quality is better

C series is better; CP=Q(higher cost-efficiency)

3). P/Q water softener valve Flow contrast:

2 1

The flow rate of the P series automatic softener valve at the same pressure (1bar) is 1.1m⊃3;/h;

The flow rate of the Q series multi function control valve is 2.2m⊃3;/h

4). C/P/Q series runxin multiport valve" contrast:

The motors of three are same, display board and the motherboard are different. Display board of Q series is integrated with the motherboard, while the C/P control panel and the motherboard aren’t.

5). A/B/C series valve difference:

A/B series has been phased out, also price is high

6). Valve with handle wheel(F67B1):

Not recommend with a hand wheel, the failure rate is high, the domestic has been eliminated, the price is high, is not conducive to market development

7).What does the green bar on the control valve represent:

It doesn't mean anything, it just means the machine is working.


2.After sale service communication:

1). Q series water treatment control valves has been rotating for more than 1.5 minutes:

The connecting wire of the positioning plate is loose;Poor coupling and gear connections can also cause these problems - the wires may come loose in transit

2). E1/E4 problem:

E1 represents the loosening of the connecting wire. Disassemble the panel and reconnect it. E4 represents the problem of the motherboard - replace the motherboard. It is suggested to order some additional accessories and shoot the video of the replacement of the control valve accessories to facilitate the customer's operation.


3.Product arrangement and sample preparation:

We have summarized the ball valve files summery and show control valve explosion diagram to our customer.We provide samples of transparent control valves and repair tools according to the customer's request. We also produce the Q series automatic softening valve quotation and send the video file of the whole meeting to him.



All in all, this meeting was successfully concluded, good after-sales service won the trust of our customers, and by this meeting, our new employees also got professional training. Click here to get more information about Runxin Valve.


Amanda may never be able to achieve true "perfection", but we still take "perfect service" as the company's business strategy and the highest goal of service to pursue and strive for. We hope that through high standards and continuous efforts and improvements, we can bring more value and enjoyment to our customers.