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There are various types of water filter carrtridge. Why do activated carbon filters account for the majority?
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There are various types of water filter carrtridge. Why do activated carbon filters account for the majority?

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In recent years, urban and lake pollution has accelerated the development of water purifiers, and the use of water purifiers is now very common. For a water purifier, the core component is its filter carrtridge. There are many water purifier filter carrtridge, especially the activated carbon filter carrtridge inside. So what role can different types of activated carbon filter carrtridge play in water purifiers?

First of all, what is activated carbon? Activated carbon is a special treatment of carbon, with countless tiny pores and a huge surface area. Activated carbon has a strong physical adsorption and chemical adsorption function, which can effectively filter out harmful substances, while its huge area can adsorb harmful substances in the micro-pores of activated carbon, thus preventing harmful substances from being absorbed by the human body in the water.

There are generally three types of  filter carrtridge inside the water purifier: granular activated carbon  filter carrtridge, compressed activated carbon  filter carrtridge, and post-mounted silver activated carbon  filter carrtridge. Among them, granular activated carbon adopts high-quality coconut shell activated carbon, which can absorb harmful substances such as different colors and odors, residual chlorine, halogenated hydrocarbons and organic matter in the water. The function of compressed activated carbon is almost the same as that of granular activated carbon, but it serves as a further filter. The silver activated carbon  filter carrtridge can improve the taste of the water and inhibit the regeneration of bacteria.

activated carbon cartridge

      The advantages of activated carbon cartridge.

      1. no desorption, no secondary pollution

Many people worry that the water purifier they buy can not achieve the effect of water purification, but also cause secondary pollution. Many water purifiers use granular activated carbon cartridge, and granular activated carbon in the impact of water flow, may lead to the filtered water becomes black, requiring a long time to flush to normal use. The activated carbon rod cartridge will not, in addition to the first use will have some black water, after the use of the phenomenon of black water will not appear, not to mention the formation of secondary pollution because of adsorption.

activated carbon

      2.Filtration without dead ends

Granular activated carbon cartridge and activated carbon rod cartridge has the advantage of a large surface area, can be in full contact with the water, filtering out the impurities in the water, leaving no dead ends.

   3.Wide range of use

Granular activated carbon cartridge has a single role, less than the composite use of other filter media, while activated carbon powder can be mixed with a variety of multi-functional filter media powder processed into a rod-shaped functional cartridge, targeted to remove a variety of pollutants in the water.

The activated carbon cartridge in the water purifier plays a big role, we must not underestimate it! In addition, when replacing the cartridge, be sure to choose the regular water purifier brand cartridge for replacement, the filtration effect is guaranteed.